Virtual Class Descriptions


  • VINYASA YOGA  is a dynamic and energizing flowing sequence of yoga postures that are linked together.
  • POWER YOGA is a powerful, athletic and energetic form of yoga where you fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movements.
  • AB ATTACK give your abs a killer workout in this 25 minute class designed to strengthen and tone your midsection.
  • LETHAL LEGS   will focus on movements that target and strengthen the muscles in and around your legs and glutes.
  • BUILD & BURN begin each class with a dynamic warm up followed by a total body workout focused on your upper body, lower body and core. A combination of cardio and strength, you’ll work your shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, back, core, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Handheld weights suggested.
  • STRENGTHEN &LENGTHEN is a complete body conditioning class. All muscle groups are explored in this constant functional movement class incorporating core work and stretches to lengthen the entire body. Hand-held weights and bands may be used.
  • SLOW FLOW YOGA  will focus on slowing down and deepening your practice. A vinyasa practice that focuses on quality transitions between postures and awareness of breath and mind.
  • CHAIR YOGA is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting in a chair or standing using a chair for support.
  • BARRE EXPRESS is a total body sculpting class using a chair for balance, perfect for lengthening and stretching the entire body. Light handheld weights suggested.
  • SEATED STRENGTH is designed to increase muscular strength, muscular endurance and range of motion for functional fitness. Hand-held weights and bands may be used along with a chair for seated exercises and standing support.
  • CORE PILATES Enhanced STOTT PILATES mat for the development of a strong, coordinated trunk, abdominals and back musculature. Meeting ID: 402-981-8447 Password: LBPilates
  • YOGA SCULPT is a fusion of Yoga, sculpting and core work, this Vinyasa class uses light weights to lengthen and strengthen your body. Get ready to sculpt your physique, improve posture and boost your metabolism.
  • VIRTUAL VINYASA YOGA class on LBHF FACEBOOK LIVE  is a dynamic and energizing flowing sequence of yoga postures that are linked together.