Thinner Winner

Thinner Winner – Get fit for SUMMER with your Family/Co-Workers and WIN!


A 6-week Wellness Initiative consisting of teams of 4-6 employees, club members, and/or family members working together to lose weight before Memorial Day! The VIRTUAL Kick Off Rally will be at 6pm on Monday, April 12th.  

$1000 Cash Prize for the team that loses the greatest percentage of weight!

Dates – April 12  – May 24



Program consists of:

  • Assigned Personal Trainer to each Team – accountability and support
  • FREE access to the Club for the entire 6-weeks and/or FREE access to our Virtual Studio
  • Weekly Weigh-ins (can be done remotely or on-site – initial and final weighs will be supervised)
  • Weekly Challenges- e.g. No soda week or No elevator week or walk the buidling break- specfically designed to help our employees get moving be it at home or work)
  • Weekly Newsletter- Nutrition Education; Fitness tips and healthy recipes 
  • Weekly Program BootCamps (at LBHF or Virtual) – Saturday Mornings 8:30am; hosted by LBHF Personal Trainers

Grab some family/co-workers and form a team! 

Download the Application today!

Registration closes on April 2nd.

For additional questions, contact Helen Whelan at [email protected]